Thursday, December 27, 2007

John Singer Sargent's/Frank's "Madame X"

Continuing on from "The Saloon" post, here are 2 of the images from frank's recent musician shoot.

Over to you frank....(both images copyright frank van riper)

"Here are TWO images from the musicians' shoot"

"As I think I mentioned over beers, not only were classical musicians Karine and her husband Ali beautiful and handsome subjects, they also were great to photograph and a delight to work with. Karine wanted some full body shots and we played with a number of poses. When she stood in repose I immediately thought of the Sargent portrait (of the woman initially called Madame X because of the 'scandalous' nature of the portrait.)"

"I asked Karine to hold a serious pose in profile and made the shot (There were others in 3/4 view and smiling as well.)"

Here again is a link to the original John Singer Sargent's Madame X image.

"The second shot is a pose that Karine struck near the end of the shoot and her smile says it all. I had her do a bunch of these and had a hard time picking a favorite."

"Lighting was fairly simply. Main light on the left was a high studio strobe through a shoot-through umbrella; fill light on right used a regular umbrella at about one-third power of the main, just to open up shadows. Backdrop was black seamless."

Great job Frank and for the record, I like the armpit. Quite sexy:)

Once again, both images on this post are
© Frank Van Riper

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