Friday, March 21, 2008

Old friends, New friends, War Photographers, Birthdays and Beer!

After much cajoling from professor Van Riper (quite rightly so, the word slacker does come to mind), the blog is back! and in the true spirit of democracy, here he is with the words of wisdom for this week...

"The March 12th meeting of Suds n' Silver produced the largest turnout ever by that august group of photographers and their always welcome friends and companions.

The occasion of course was Grame's 50th birthday. Graeme who does not look a day over 45, (I've got that right, don't I, Graeme?) was accompanied by his lovely lady Misha. Erica's tiny Diana camera and ring flash got almost as much attention as the cast on her foot (she's a trouper, that girl) and prompted a shooting frenzy among all in attendance.

Oh, and the beer was great as always."

I second that professor Frank. The staff at the Saloon were fantastic (as always) delivering cold, fresh, exceptional quality beverages. Here's a great shot (taken by one of us - who knows!) of the staff:

There was also some great conversations on many topics. Some of them were just too much for some of us. Here is Paul TRYING to stay awake as to the lovely Tara asks him the difference between aperture and shutter speed AGAIN!...

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