Thursday, May 22, 2008

Artomatic and the Saloon

We had another great meet up on Wednesday for Suds and Silver.

This time we hit 2 locations! The first being Artomatic where Frank and Judy shot some great portraits of the Suds and Silver "Artomatic All Stars" followed by excellent beer and great service as always at the Saloon - thanks Kalib!

Here are Frank and Judy's portraits of the chaps at Artomatic -

Unfortunately the 4th "Artomatic All Star" as Frank put it, isn't in these possibly due to his wife delivering their 2nd child - a worthy excuse we felt unlike some we keep hearing - 'sorry guys but I've moved to mexico' being one of the less believable ones :)

On the new work front, Patrick has send some cool stuff from his corporate jolly to Bermuda where he more than brushed with some of the biggest movie stars of the day! nice work Patrick.

Of course we're all really excited and can't wait to attend Frank and Judy's Venice book signing at the Italian Embassy in November. It should be a wonderful evening and a great start to the inaugural week long photographic festival FOTO WEEK DC.

Finally check out my website/blog for details of Ryan's new documentary that he mentioned last night. It's called Down in the Hollow.

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