Friday, July 25, 2008

The Saloon isn't big enough anymore!

After swapping tables 3 times (with the same woman i might add!) we finally managed to get a long table (almost) big enough for the droves of photographers and their friends for the Suds and Silver's mid-summer get together at the Saloon on U Street, Washington DC.

Expert waiter Kalib once again gave us priority seating and delivered the cold, delicious brews on time and with his usual flare.

Amongst the riveting conversations that I could barely hear over the rabble were discussions relating to Medium and Large Format especially with the renewed interest in the humble Holga.

There were a number of new faces also...the full list of attendees is as follows:

graeme, erica, bill, misha, praveen, will (new) , andy, holly (new) , steve, josh and matt (new)


Joshua said...

Good to see everyone! Looking forward to August. And to clarify in that picture of me, I did not spill an entire beer down my shirt.

sudsandsilver said...

well done josh. dan (from mexico) was just saying that it looks as if matt and i are challenging you to down that pint in one go!

i told him that it's one of the new membership requirements :)

you passed with flying colors.