Saturday, June 12, 2010

Andy and Praveen send off/Summer Cult BBQ

This year’s Cult BBQ to kick off the summer did double duty.

First, it was a great excuse to get together on a gorgeous night on Graeme and Misha’s deck downtown to sample great eats: from sausage, to halibut to mussels to scallops—not to mention all the accompaniments, solid and liquid.

Second, it gave us all a chance to wish a fond “buon viaggio” to Praveen and Andy, who were about to embark on a cross-country adventure that will see Andy spending he summer as an outdoor tour photographer in Alaska—and start Praveen on an odyssey of discovery that will take him ‘round the world.

They will travel to the west coast together in Andy’s way cool converted van, staying with friends all along the way. Then they will part ways for their separate adventures, promising to keep us all up to date with photos and e-mails.

Tentative plans already are in the works for a Cult welcome back BBQ in mid-September, to coincide with Andy’s return to DC and with Frank and Judy’s return from Maine (a brief stopover for them as they prepare to lead their first-ever Photo Workshop in Umbria Italy the following month.)

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shekhar said...

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